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Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel 

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            Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel

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About Bobby & CoCo

Photo By: Todd V Wolfson

Steve Cropper on his involvement with Derek & The Dominos:

 “I wouldn’t know how to pinpoint it,” Cropper says. “I knew the talent that Bobby had, and the way he sang and played. I had met Eric, and he was the first guy who came to mind. I didn’t know what he was looking for, but I knew Bobby would be right up his alley.”

Bobby Whitlock

Bonnie & Delaney and Bobby
Bobby and Delaney and Dave Mayo photo by Ritchie Simpson
A Rock and Roll Autobiography
All  Things Must Pass
Where theres a Will, There's a Way
All Things Must Pass
Eric and Bobby Fillmore
Bobby and Duane  photo by Robin Turner
Eric and Bobby
The Dominos with Duane Allman
Criteria Master
Derek& Dominos Poster 1970
Derek & The Dominos
This is Bobby Whitlock - ACDunhill Records
George Harrison Jams
Rolling Stone March 2011
Keyboard Player Magazine  Issue0359
Kovalam India

CoCo Carmel

Pronier in  CoCo and Bobby Geneva
Times of India
Staplelton Hall Tavern Julian and Nick Payne
CoCo Carmel circa 1989
Fender 50th Anniversary
CoCo Top Hat
The Road To Austin
George Harrisons Rosewood Tele and CoCo
First Fruit
Photo by Marc Bowman
Kerala India
Other Assrt Love Songs
BW/CC Live May 2014

Bobby Whitlock represents the true southern blues/soul singer.                                                            

Born in Memphis, he was the first white artist to be signed to the Stax Hip label at the tender age    of 16. Taken under the wings of Steve Cropper  and Donald (Duck) Dunn at the time.                  

Steve Cropper said " I knew that Bobby was a       star".                                                                                  

Stax and Bobby didn't exactly see eye to eye on     the direction of his career so, in 1969 he left Stax and went to California to become the first             "friend" in the group Delaney & Bonnie &            Friends. After sleeping on D&B's couch and         playing for a couple of years in small clubs             around Los Angeles, the band got a break that     happened through Alan Parisar, Delaney &          Bonnie's manager, they were to open for Blind   Faith in Europe.                                                            

The English musicians short of any Soul and        groove naturally loved D&B, Eric was the first to join them onstage.                                                          

Not long after Eric joined the European Tour.     

For a short three month stint in Europe, the          guitar line up consisted of Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Dave Mason. It was during this       time that Bobby became friends with Eric              Clapton.                                                                          

Bobby was the last to leave Delaney & Bonnie & Friends.                                                                             

It was that moment when he turned to his friend Steve Cropper and asked what he should do.        Steve Cropper told him to call Eric Clapton. He bought a plane ticket and had it waiting for           Bobby. Bobby flew to England, joined Eric             Clapton, they immediately began to write             together, becoming a formidable writing team     and eventually recording Layla and Other              Assorted Love Songs which is now celebrating    its 45th year Anniversary, and is considered to be one of the most influential records in the history of rock-n-roll..The rest is of course music history.                       *   *    *   *   *    *   *   *   *                                                                                                                           

Around 1978, a teenager herself, CoCo had          begun her career in London England. She took   to the road and played across Europe including   Germany, Italy and France and back home in       England.                                                                           

After nearly a decade in Europe, CoCo                  relocated back to the United States residing in    her home state of California, Los Angeles to be precise. In 1988 She met Delaney Bramlett         whom she also married.                                          

During those 13 years with Delaney, she             produced and co/produced many records           including her own solo record “First Fruit”        which was released in 2010, featuring many     songs written by the two.                                         

Through the lifelong friendship with Delaney, Bobby met CoCo in 1994. After her marriage dissolved with Delaney (2001) the two ended up together. It was only natural to write and             sing and record and perform together.                  

Beginning in the U.S., CoCo and Bobby played in New Jersey, New York, Alabama and                 Nashville, and performed on countless radio          shows, including a one hour live show on Sirius  during the 5p.m. rush hour not long after the      twin towers were destroyed and NYC was in a      code orange alert.                                                           

They toured various places around the world         including Monaco, Geneva Switzerland, France and to Bangalore India to headline a Jazz & Blues Festival. While in India, they had a beautiful         Hindu wedding which was heavily covered by the press and The India Times.                                                                                    *************************************               

Through the years CoCo produced record after record (9) the last entitled “Carnival”. A live record recorded in Austin Texas.                                                               *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *                         

In 2011 Bobby’s autobiography, “Bobby                Whitlock A Rock-n-Roll Autobiography” with a forward written by Eric Clapton along with musical  historian and Editor Marc Roberty was released and has been a number one top rated book in rock music.

Available on Amazon and special order through any bookstore.                                               

His book is considered to be of historical               significance in rock and roll and can be found in a host of Libaries across the country, and in many Universities as a reference book. It is also used in many colleges across the country for lectures and teaching.                                                                            

With Bobby’s incredible historical background, it is no wonder the past is constantly calling. In         2013 Light in The Attic re-released the newly        mastered  solo records of Bobby’s appropriately   titled “Where There’s a Will There’s a Way”. It     has been receiving great reviews worldwide and is available online and at some retail stores.                 

Available this year DVD/Blu Ray Documentary   “The Road to Austin”featuring Kris                         Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt, Stephen Bruton,        Bobby Whitlock and CoCo Carmel.                       

( )            

Performing “Layla” and “Why Does Love Got to be so Sad". The DVD is available online and           some outlets in Texas.  


Out now also is the Movie/Documentary

"Life in 12 Bars"  with lots of Bobby talking about the early days of Derek & The Dominos.





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