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First Fruit

CoCo Carmel &

Delamey Bramlett

Released July 1 2010

CoCo Carmel's first solo record Co-Produced by ex husband Delaney Bramlett , spanning over 13 years. Songs include "I Don't know Why" , also by Eric Clapton produced by Delaney , ""Rest In Peace"

My Time

Bobby Whitlock , Co-founder of Derek & The Dominos

Released December 2009

Bobby Whitlock's spin off of the It's About Time cd. With Jim Keltner,Steve Cropper,Tim Drummond and more.


Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel

Released Jan 2010

An Intense Live version of the defunct Lover's cd. Complete with Stephen Bruton , David Grissom , Brannen Temple and James Fenner. Bonus tracks include "My Life" and "Thorn Tree in The Garden" "Layla"


Bobby Whitlock

Released October 2009

Previously unreleased songs from the 90's, including Don't Pass us By, Save Your Love for me, Your Love and more.

Superbly presented in an eco friendly package with photographs and detailed information on the musicians and songs.

Lovers The Master Demos

Bobby WHitlock &

CoCo Carmel

This cd is the beginnings of the record in blue also called Lovers. This started out with Bobby playing drums as its base.

This is how it all sounded before going into Willie's studio after arriving in Austin .

Willie actually played on the original tracks you hear on this cd. Includes Layla, Lovers, and Dear Veronica.


Bobby Whitlock &

CoCo Carmel

Released in the year 2003 as an EP , presently unavailable.

There is talk of re-releasing .

Other Assorted Love Songs

Bobby Whitlock &

CoCo Carmel

The very first record made by Bobby and CoCo , recorded Live at Centennery College's Whitney Chapel in 2003.

A wonderful collection of songs from Derek & The Dominos including a beautiful rendition of Bell Bottom Blues .

Available only online in digital form .

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The Official Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel Website

Bobby Whitlock and Eric Clapton , founders of Derek and The Dominos at the All Things must Pass sessions , with George Harrison . Bobby WHitlock & Eric Clapton became The O'Hara Smith Singers on the record. The Official Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel website. Layla . Other Assorted Love Songs.

George Harrison's All things must pass , Apple Jam, Hare Krishna, Hare Hare, with Eric Clapton and Bobby Whitlock singing as the O'Hara Smith Singers for George Harrison.

CoCo Carmel produced Sounds From Home with Delaney Bramlett, brings her style of production similar to that of Delaney BRamlett and Tom Dowd.The Official Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel website

This March 2012 brings a new exciting record for Bobby & CoCo.

Produced and Recorded by CoCo Carmel,

Containing tracks like "John The Revelator", "Nobody Knows" and the beautiful "Changing Faces" Available now on CD Baby.

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Bobby Whitlock

New re-release

on Light in The Attic Records

Available on June 24th

to order click on the record.